The Mexican Wolf

A Quick History

The Mexican Wolf is a subspecies of the gray wolf. It eats Deer and Elk but because there is less prey than there used to be, they are dying out. So, the Mexican Wolf had to find another food source. They started eating farmer’s cattle!

The government decided something should be done about it, so they started killing off the wolves. Now, the Wolves are marked as critically endangered on the conservation status.

File:Mexican Wolf 2 yfb-edit 1.jpg

A running Mexican Wolf


Mexican Wolves can grow up to 3.9-4.9 feet long. Their height can reach about 31 centimeters and their weight varies from 60-82 pounds. The wolf’s brownish gray fur is perfect for blending in with its habitat.

These wolves need help! They are very close to being extinct. Donate to organizations to help.

Conservation status for M. Wolf