File:Polarfuchs 1 2004-11-17.jpg

This arctic fox photo was taken by Wikipedia user Ansgar Walk

The Arctic Fox’s scientific name is Alopex Lagopus.  It is a mammal that lives in the northernmost part of the world. This fox is an Omnivore.It lives in Northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, and North Russia and Europe.The Arctic Fox lives in dens or burrows. Some even bury themselves under the snow for protection. The average length is 85.3 centimeters and is from 25 to 30 centimeters high at the shoulder. Males weigh about 7.7 pounds, and females weigh about 6.4 pounds. Some of the foods Arctic foxes will eat are lemmings, eggs, carrion, and Arctic hare. In April and May, the Arctic fox will also eat Ringed seal pups. The Arctic fox also scavenges the leftovers from larger predators, like the Polar bear. The Arctic foxes gestation period is 53 days. Their litters are usually from 5-8 pups. The mothers and the fathers help out with the babies. When pups are born, their fur is  brown, but when they grow up, it turns white.