File:Maned Wolf Pup Image 001.jpg

This is a Maned Wolf pup.

The maned wolf is an endangered species that lives in Southern Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, and Bolivia, but used to also live in Argentina and Uruguay. It has the head and color of a Wolf, the ears of an African hunting dog, and the body of a Hyena.
The fur is reddish brown on the sides, with a mane and long legs that are black. They have a white tufted tail and bib. An adult stands almost 3 feet tall, and weighs 50-55 pounds. Mating season begins in April, with 2-5 pups being born in August-September. At night, Maned wolves will hunt for hares, rodents, and birds. A large portion of their diet is fruit. Maned wolves are nocturnal. They live in grasslands and scrub forests.