Emus Are the second largest bird in the world, with a height of 5-6.5 feet, and a weight up to 130 pounds. Their feathers are light brown, and they have long necks, small ears, and 3 toes on each foot. Their diet includes grains, berries, small plants, insects, and a variety of other things. Emus breed in Winter, a bit of Fall, and earlier Spring. Most clutches have 8-10 eggs. After the eggs are laid the female leaves, and the male stays to guard the eggs. Chicks can leave the clutch from 2-7 days, and by 6 months they leave their dad. When they’re 1 year old, their fully grown, and by a year and 8 months, they can mate. In the wild they live 5-10 years long. They live in Australia in woods, scrubs, desert, and grassland areas. Some of their predators are dingoes, eagles, dogs, humans, cats, and foxes. They can run up to 30 miles per hour, and also can swim, though they can’t fly.

An Emu. This picture was taken by German Wikipedia user Quartl.