This is an Eastern Tiger Salamander.

The tiger salamander has an average length of 6-8 inches, and have a typical weight of 4.4 ounces. They are carnivores, eating worms, insects, frogs, baby mice, and even other salamanders! They live in burrows, up to 2 feet below the ground, near sources of water like lakes, slow-moving streams, and ponds. They usually always stay on land, but they are good swimmers, and return to the water to breed. Their larvae live in the water, until they undergo metamorphosis. Adults have blotchy colored bodies that are gray, brown, green, or black. They can have yellow, brown, or no markings. They have thick bodies and necks, long tails, and short snouts. They live for about 10-16 years in the wild. They live in North America, mostly Mexico and the U.S. but a bit in Canada.