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A raccoon. Taken by Wikipedia user Sergey Yarmolyuk

The common raccoon is a curious and intelligent creature. They have a great sense of hearing and can see very well in the dark. They are great swimmers and climbers, and that helps them to get food. This raccoon is an omnivore, eating grapes, nuts, berries, pawpaw, nuts, black cherry, grubs, grasshoppers, crickets, voles, deer mice, bird eggs, fish, worms, turtles, clams, frogs, carrion, and human garbage. Common raccoons have a length from 33-45 inches, and a weight of 7-20 pounds. Their fur is usually gray-brown or orange-brown on the top of their body, and grayish below. they have bushy, striped, tails, with 4-6 alternating rings of  black and brown rings. Raccoons do not hibernate, but in the winter they may sleep for longer periods of time. Their mating season is from mid to late summer, and their gestation period is from 60- 74 days long. Babies stay with their mom for a year, and raccoons can live from 10-15 years in the wild.