This is a Persian Leopard.

Also known as the Caucasian leopard and the Iranian leopard, this leopard lives in the Caucasus mountains, Eastern Turkey, Northern Iran, Southern Turkmenistan, and parts of Western Afghanistan. They are the largest leopard subspecies, with a height of around 2.5-3 feet at the shoulder. Their length is around 102 inches, and they weigh from 130-150 pounds. This leopard is also rare though, with around 871-1,290 mature individuals in the Middle East and still declining. Persian leopards are endangered too, due to poaching for fur, habitat loss, prize hunting, prey loss, poisoning, wildfires, and human disturbance from armies. Their prey depends on where they live, but their prey includes Bezoar goat, roe deer, Goitered gazelle, West Caucasian tur, moufluns, urial, wild boar, crested porcupine, Cape hare, red deer, wild sheep, birds, and livestock including dogs, camels, mules, goats, and sheep.