File:Pygmy Marmoset Perth Zoo.jpg

This is a photo of a pygmy marmoset. Picture taken by Wikipedia user Helenabella

The pygmy marmoset is  the smallest true type of monkey. It’s body length is 14-16 centimeters, and it has a 15-20 centimeter tail. Males weigh around 140 grams, and females around 120 grams. It eats gum and sap from trees, and also grasshoppers, flowers, spiders, and insects. This monkey drinks water all the time. Pygmy marmosets live in rainforests in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. In the wild, life-spans can be from 11-12 years, but in zoos, pygmies can live to their twenties! Some cool communications this monkey uses are high pitched squeaks and whistles, some too high for us to hear. They can also jump farther than 5 meters!