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This photo was taken by Wikipedia user Minette Layne

the Orca Whale (commonly known as the killer whale), is a beautiful animal and is about 27-33 feet long. The orca whale eats a very diverse diet of water animals. They eat fish, squid, types of sharks and marine animals, (including whales and seals), turtles , octopus and birds. The orca whale is called a whale but is actually the largest species of dolphins. Orca whales live in pods, groups of orcas that are about 6-40 whales large. The orca whale is found in all of the oceans of the world. the gestation period for the Orca whale is around 16-17 months and their life expectancy is 50-60 years for males and 90 years for females. Right now the Orca whale is not endangered.