File:Ocelot area.png

The Ocelot's range. By Wikipedia user Chermundy

Ocelots are wild cats that eat birds, crabs, amphibians  reptiles, and small mammals. Most of the prey they hunt is smaller than themselves. They are very territorial, and mark their boundaries with urine. They will battle fiercely if those boundaries are passed. They are also very solitary and meet only to mate. Ocelots mate once a year but if a litter is lost the female will mate again.  Their gestation period lasts from 79-82 days, and during that time the female will have made a den in a cave, thicket, or hollow tree. After the gestation period, they will get 1-4 kittens, though usually just one. These kittens grow slowly compared with other cats. They will leave the den after 3 months, and leave their mom after 2 years. In the wild they live 7-11 years, and in captivity they can live until they’re 20.

A curious ocelot.

Ocelots have black  rosettes on their cream-brown colored fur, but sometimes the rosettes blend together and become lines and shapes. They have ringed tails and white undersides.