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Colorpoint Shorthair

Taken by Wikipedia user Thisherodies.

These cats are cousins of the Siamese. They come in 16 colorpoint colors, unlike the Siamese 4, and are bred from American shorthairs and Siamese. These cats are very vocal, with more than 100 different sounds, and are very affectionate. Sometimes the males think another animal is invading their territory, and will get aggressive to the other creature.


Sperm Whale

File:Sperm young Nicklin.jpg

The Sperm whale is a very vulnerable animal. It mostly inhabits the Mediterranean sea and possibly the red sea. It has a very distinct look. it has a block shaped head, and a textured body. It’s diet consists of mostly krill and sometimes giant squid. On average, males are around 56 ft long, and females are usually around 36 ft long. Sperm whales weigh up to 57 tons.

Fun fact: “Moby Dick” was a sperm whale.

A pretty calm looking Chausie.

The Chausie can be three colors. Black, brown ticked tabby, and black grizzled tabby. They were bred from the wild Jungle cat. Males are usually 9-15 pounds, and females 7-10. These cats are very active and athletic, and like most cats, pretty intelligent. However, these cats do not like to be left alone, so either have a human companion or other cat with them.