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File:LMazzuca Fin Whale.jpg

This photo was taken by wikipedia user Lori Mazzuca

The Fin whale is an fairly endangered animal. They are very large whales, and the ones that live in the northern hemisphere can be around 60 feet. The ones in the southern hemisphere tend to reach closer to 70 feet. It is the same for males and females. Fin whales can be found in all the major oceans, with water temps polar and tropical. Though the Fin whale can live in different temperatures, they are found more commonly in colder climates. The only known predator of the Fin Whale is the killer whale, and even so, there are not many sightings of attacks. The Fin Whale is a baleen whale, and it eats only small fish, squid and other little crustaceans. The gestation period for a calf is 11-12 months.

Fun fact: fin whales can live up to 140 years!


North Atlantic right whale

File:Eubalaena glacialis with calf.jpg

This photo is of a right whale.

The North Atlantic right whale is a critically endangered animal. This is mainly because of the numerous threats to the right whale in specific. Some of these threats are shipping and trading routes,  fishing gear, whale watching occurrences, and contaminants in the water.  Although they harbor a very small population, their numbers are slowly growing. The whales unique diet consists of various zooplankton, coepods and krill. The right whales have these distinctive patches of rough skin, unlike many other whales.They can grow up to 59 feet long, and weigh around 100 tons.

Fun fact: Right whales can get whale lice!

Beluga Whale

Taken by Wikipedia user Stan Shebs

The Beluga Whale lives along the coasts of Alaska and Canada. They are beautiful animals and have a number of songs written about them. Their size is usually around 15 feet long, but males are slightly larger than females. The beluga whale is a near threatened animal and feeds mainly on fish, squid and crustaceans, ( crab, lobsters and shrimp ), and sea worms. Beluga whales life span is usually  about 25-30 years , and it usually takes about 14-15 months to complete the gestation period.