Category: Conservation Threats

Wolves have just gone back from the top to their older roll; the hunter being hunted. It is terrible! First of all, they’re killing animals, and also the wolves help the eco system by killing the elk because the elk eat the cotton wood seedlings. That drives cotton wood to  almost local extinction.

So please do not hunt wolves!!

Pebble Mine

In Alaska, there is a place called Bristol Bay. Tens of millions of salmon come there each year. It’s packed with commercial fisherman, ready to catch the salmon. There’s also lodges around the area, for peoples vacation’s, and fishing for sport. Of course, there’s also animals, like bears, ready to eat salmon too. Salmon are important. All those people and animals depend on them. It’s a delicate balance between nature and humans. But soon two companies, Northern Dynasty Materials Ltd. (based in Canada) and Anglo American (with offices in many countries but not the U. S. and based in London.) are going to make an open pit mine. So we have two foreign companies making a pit mine in Alaska, which will be the BIGGEST mine in NORTH AMERICA! Mines can be really bad for the environment too. If pollution from the mine got into The rivers where salmon traveled and the salmon all died, animals couldn’t eat salmon, people might not go to the lodges anymore, fishermen would be out of jobs. It would all be gone. Salmon population is already diminishing each year, but this could make it go down twice as fast! So please, do something about this. One way you could help is to write a letter to the senator of Alaska, or you could spread the word about this.

An exploration drill rig for the pebble mine, photo taken by Wikipedia user AlaskaTrekker