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Colorpoint Shorthair

Taken by Wikipedia user Thisherodies.

These cats are cousins of the Siamese. They come in 16 colorpoint colors, unlike the Siamese 4, and are bred from American shorthairs and Siamese. These cats are very vocal, with more than 100 different sounds, and are very affectionate. Sometimes the males think another animal is invading their territory, and will get aggressive to the other creature.


This cat is similar to the British Shorthair, but it comes from France. Their coat is blue, and water resistant, and they have orange or copper eyes.

These cats are also known for a great smile!

Chartreux cats are not very noisy, with not too much meows and cries. They are playful as adults and kittens, and they are pretty intelligent. Some cats learned how to open screen door latches, and others can turn radios on and off. This cat also tends to bond with one person in the house, but stays friends with everyone else.


File:Male Burmilla cat.jpeg

An annoyed male Burmilla, photo taken by Wikipedia user David Johnson.

This cat was created when a chinchilla persian cat and a burmese cat were awaiting to be bred. They were in isolation, but a cleaner forgot to close their doors. They then had 4 kittens that were Burmilla.

These cats look similar to Burmese cats. They have short, plush coats, and are medium sized. Some are long-haired though. Many people consider their green eyes to be beautiful, with the black outline around them. Their coat is colored black, blue, brown, chocolate, or lilac. When caring for their coat, it’s advised to brush it once a week.

They are independent, and can be kitten-like into adulthood, being playful, quiet, and affectionate.

British Shorthair

This is a British Shorthair, picture taken by Wikipedia user BritishEmpire.

British Shorthairs have a variety of colors. The most popular one is blue, but others include lilac, red, black, white, cream, choclate, cinnamon, and fawn. They have many patterns, including solid tortoiseshell, and colorpoint, and have short thick coats. Their eyes can be many colors, but most have copper or gold ones. Males weigh 5-10 kilograms, and females 5-7. The British Shorthair’s cheeks are chubby, and they have round chins. They aren’t known for speed, but they are intelligent, and are easy for trainers to train. They are loyal, too.

Brazilian Shorthair

A picture taken by Wikipedia user J.Jazz

This cat was bred in Brazil, and is believed to be the descendants of European cats brought there by colonists. They are very affectionate, and they’re good for people who give them lots of attention. They’re also very intelligent and active, and are known for being good hunters. To be an official Brazilian Shorthair, they should have eyes that match the color of their short coats, which come in a wide variety of colors. They are medium sized, and male’s heads are bigger than female’s heads. These cats might become extinct, because not too many people breed them.